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'The Antica Locanda is a unique,

culinary Italian experience

not to be missed'

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Vini Rossi


Negroamaro I.G.P. Salento (C. due Palme) £ 17.95

(Puglia) Dark skinned grape variety associated with this beautiful region for at least 1500 years. This wine is valued for is deep colour, medium-full tannins

and dark-berry fruit flavours.

Primitivo I.G.T. Salento (Antonini Cerese) £ 18.95

(Puglia) I.G.T. Ruby red colour, rich and fruity the bouquet, well balanced with

a smooth taste, ideal to drink with pastas, cured meat and cold dishes from our deli.

Nero d’Avola (Mandra Rossa) £ 18.95

(Sicilia) I.G.T. This Nero d’Avola shows the true potential of Sicilian red wine, elegant but powerful with a rich expression of damson plums and liquorice spice. Fresh and vinous at the nose with a touch of vanilla, the taste is fruity, persistent and rich.

Cannonau (Tamara) £ 20.95

(Sardegna) Red, complete fermentation in their own skins, light in barriques. Intense ruby red colour, dry and harmonious.

Biferno Riserva (Camillo De Lillis) £ 20.95

(Veneto) Rosso Riserva; Montepulciano, Trebbiano Toscano and Aglianico. Ruby red colour leading to the garnet with the maturing, this wine has a pleasant and characteristic bouquet at the nose, is round, full and dry on the palate with an harmonious, velvety finish and just the right tannin.

Montepulciano d’ Abruzzo (C. Zaccagnini) £ 22.95

(Abruzzo) D.O.C. Intense ruby red colour with velvet tints turning to garnet when aged, this wine is dry, full, harmonic and well balanced at the taste is fragrant at the nose with red berries and spices.

Capello di Prete (Candido) £ 30.95

(Puglia) “The Priest’s hood” is a traditional Puglia wine obtained from carefully selected Negroamaro grapes aged in small oak barrels. The colour is ruby dark red with a distinct purple hue. The flavours are rustic yet clean, with a notable hint of chocolate.

Barbera d’Alba (Luigi Oddero) £ 28.95

(Piemonte) Long-aging, robust red wines with intense fruit and enhanced tannic content. The best known appellation is the DOCG Barbera d'Asti in the Piedmont region. Its red colour is tinged with garnet and glints of ruby. It is the very complex bouquet that is really enthralling though. The taste start dry and warm and is rounded off with luscious, aromatic length.

Salice Salentino Riserva (Leone de Castris) £ 30.95

(Puglia) This intense dark red wine with garnet reflex, is produced with Malvasia Nera and Negramaro grapes since 1954 from the ancient De Castris family in the Salento area. The fragrance of brambles, basil and sweet spicy due to the refinement in small cask hit the nose and the taste is soft full and well balanced.

Ripasso (Zenato) £ 30.95

(Veneto-Emilia Romagna) Closely related to our Amarone, the Review and the name that Zenato gave this wine. Immediately after the fermentation of dried grapes of Amarone, we do "wipe" the best selection of Valpolicella and so begins the second alcoholic fermentation increases the alcohol content and the wine becomes richer in colour, extracts and aromas.

Tanca Farrà (Sella & Mosca) £ 31.95

(Sardinia) Tanca Farra’ are the vineyards richest in minerals in Sella & Mosca estate, the vineyards able to give to the grapes the unique taste, the harmonic

and strong structure and the elegant bouquet reminiscent of fine wood.

Taurasi (Struzziero) £ 32.95

(Campania) Bright red color, intense with hints of orange. Intense, characteristic, ethereal persistent with hints of spice and vanilla. Characteristic, unmistakable, soft, lingering aftertaste full and round.

Nobile di Montepulciano (Cecchi) £ 33.95

(Toscana) D.O.C.G. This precious wine is produced mainly from Sangiovese and Canaiolo Nero grapes, ruby tending to garnet red, is dry, balanced and persistent with hints of wood on the palate and the bouquet is ethereal and intense.

Chianti Classico (Castello di Fonterutoli) £ 33.95

(Toscana) The history of Mazzei family, proprietors of Castello di Fonterutoli since 1435, has been linked from his inception to a passionate commitment to viticulture. Produced from different Sangiovese variety, this important Chianti Classico, concentrated, elegant and complex, ages for twelve months in small oak barrels.

Selvarossa Riserva (C. due Palme) £ 36.95

(Puglia) Salice Salentino is “L’Antica Locanda” favourite wine. Simply the best. Produced with carefully selected Negroamaro and Malvasia Nera grapes. Refined in barriques and after, for four months, in the bottle. Intense ruby red colour, at the nose captivating vanilla and cherry jam, the taste is marked with red fruit and sweet wood notes.

Barolo (Cascina Ferrero) £ 38.95

(Piemonte) D.O.C.G. The Nebbiolo grapes follow e well-established production procedure in making this Barolo each year. The quality is already apparent from the compact garnet red colour, at the nose is packed with notes reminiscent of jam, dried fruit, cherries in alcohol, spices and vanilla. The taste is full, round and warm with a long finish.

Burdese (Planeta) £ 40.95

(Sicilia) “Burdese” is Sicilian dialect used to describe French grape variety for long time cultivate in Sicily. This wine, produced from Cabernet Sauvignon and

Cabernet Franc grapes, has got a great depth and complexity at the taste and nose with hallmark concentration of taste due to the action on the vineyards of the Sicilian sun.

Merlot (Planeta) £ 40.95

(Sicilia) Planeta Merlot emphasised with the addition of 5% of Petit Verdot, which contributes originality and elegance, combining perfectly with the stable tannin structure And the typical red fruit flavour of the merlot grape.

Dindarella (Aldegheri) £ 40.95

(Veneto) Dindarella is one of the historic grape variety of Verona area, the production is always very limited. Ruby red colour, at the nose, after few year aging, give ripe fruity aroma, spicy with pepper and Mediterranean wood reminiscence; even more interesting at the taste where the refined tannins enhances the scented sensation and a long lasting emotional finish.

Amarone (Domini Veneti) £ 40.95

(Veneto) Corvina 80%, Rondinella 20%. Full bodied with harmonic taste and garnet red colour, intense vinous bouquet. The grapes are dried before the press

making it one of Italy’s most authoritative wines.

Barbaresco (Pellissero) £ 43.95

(Piemonte) 100% Nebbiolo, Full-bodied and dry, with balanced acidity. Soft tannins that give consistent and full wrap-around and round in the mouth. Emerges at the end of a remarkable persistence and harmony characteristic of the variety and exalted the territory in which it is grown.


Rossi Vintage

Sassoalloro (Jacopo Biondi Santi) £ 59.95

(Toscana) This wine is produced from a special selection of Sangiovese Grosso di Toscana treated very carefully in the fermentation and aged in barrels of wood from the Tronçais.

Brunello di Montalcino (Il Poggione) £ 65.95

(Toscana) D.O.C.G. Obtained from carefully selected Sangiovese grapes, called here Brunello, pressed in purity. Ruby red the colour tending to the garnet,

intense at the nose, the taste is dry, warm, slightly tannic, strong, harmonic and persistent.

Amarone Riserva (Aldegheri) £ 125.95

(Veneto) D.O.C. 50% Corvina, 30% Rondinella, 20% Molinara. Only the finest vintage earn the honour of the name “Riserva di Bacco”. Expect tantalizing palate

of plum, jam and liquorice. From a limited production of 3500 bottles.

Picconero (Tolaini) £ 129.95

(Toscana) Clear, ruby-red with garnet highlights. Clean, with intense aromas of red fruit, pepper, licorice and vanilla. Complex structure with tannins soft and round, aromas of blackberry, raspberry and a hint of rich red fruits, vanilla and balsamic notes.

Siepi (Castello di Forterutoli) £ 130.95

(Toscana) The renowned Siepi (Sangiovese/Merlot) is a Super-Tuscan single vineyard expression heralded as among the top releases from Italy in any given

year and a deserved Tre Bicchieri winner in 2010.

Borro (Il Borro) £ 130.95

(Toscana) 50% Merlot, 35% Cabernet Sauvignon, 10% Syrah, 5% Petit Verdot. The grapes are harvested, de-stemmed and sorted by hand and then pressed and gravity-fed into vinification tanks. Each variety of grape is processed individually.

Sassicaia (M. Incisa della Rocchetta) £ 305.95

(Toscana) The Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc grapes imported from Chateau Lafitte in the early forties are at the origin of this Tuscan Masterpiece from Bolgheri- Tenuta S. Guido. A perfect wine with a unique and long finish.

Vini Bianchi

Castelli Romani (Fontegaia) £ 17.95

(Lazio) Castelli Romani is the DOC title for wines from the hills just south-east of Rome, in central Italy's Lazio region. It is named after the 14 Castelli Romani, a group of hillside and lakeside villages in the Colli Albani hills, which once played host to the nobility of ancient Rome during the summer months. The most famous of these (in wine terms at least) is Frascati.

Fiano Sicilia (Mandrarossa) £ 17.95

(Sicilia) I.G.T. Fiano is a variety with ancient and noble origins, produces a elegant white wine, with notes of fresh fruits, apricot and peach, on the nose and palate, and extraordinary persistence.

Orvieto Classico (San Marco) £ 19.95

(Umbria) Abboccato. medium wine, full flavoured with a clean finish. A wine of ancient tradition known from roman times.

Pinot Grigio (Torresella) £ 19.95

(Veneto) Le Vigne Pinot Grigio is sourced from the single Cantarelle vineyard. Here the unique micro climate produces a crisp, refreshing wine with ripe citrus characters and a long dry finish. Ideal as aperitivo or with salads, chicken or seafood dishes.

Soave Mondello (Aldegheri) £ 20.95

(Veneto) This is a white wine with age-old traditions, unique for its pleasantness and harmony. Its bouquet of elder and vine flowers is delicate, highly captivating and pleasant; the flavour is then completed by extreme elegance and perfect harmony.

Lugana (Aldegheri) £ 21.95

(Lombardia) This Trebbiano from the sandy soil in the south of Garda Lake, is made of carefully selected grapes cold pressed when perfectly ripe. Fantastic with fish dishes, but recommended as aperitif as well.

Gavi di Gavi (Villa Sparina) £ 23.95

(Piemonte) D.O.C.G. 100% Cortese. Intense, long, continuous, persistent perfume and pale yellow colour; the taste is dry, harmonic, fresh and very pleasant; besides the typical coupling for the white wines (fish, crustaceans, sea fruits) does not fear the approach with white meats and light roast.

Sauvignon Blanc (Due Uve) £ 22.95

(Friuli) D.O.C. Luminous straw yellow in colour. The bouquet is true to the typical characteristic of this varietal. Vivacious at the taste with a strong aromatic persistence render this wine as an optimal aperitif or as an accompaniment to seafood and risottos.

Pinot Grigio (Santa Margherita) £ 28.95

(Trentino) Cultivated in the Valle del Adige at the foothil

of the Dolomites, the area of the castles, this is a wine of fresh and fruity taste, it pairs well with hors-d’oeuvres, white meat and fish.

Gavi di Gavi (Fontanafredda) £ 27.95

(Piemonte) The Gavi vine find around the hills of the “Appennino ligure” (north west) the best condition to express at the best its qualities. This is one of the best, at the nose is ample and intense with a flowery bouquet, tones of citrus, acacia and green apple. The taste is dry, harmonic and very distinctive. Classic wine for delicate “antipasti di mare” and light and refined fish dishes.

Greco di Tufo £ 28.95

(Campania) D.O.C.G. Straw yellow colour with lightly gold tints; perfume refined, intense and plesant; harmonic and dry taste. Greco the grape with a small amount of Coda di volpe. Great on oyster, seafood carpaccios and soups,

baked and grilled fish.

Fiano d’Avellino (Vinosia) £ 28.95

(Campania) One of the southern Italian finest, this wine, intense straw yellow colour, very refined, pleasant and intense at the nose, at the taste is harmonious and dry. Highly recommended with the southern seafood dishes.

Planeta Chardonnay (Planeta) £ 39.95

(Sicilia) Since 1985 Planeta has cultivated the internationally renowned Chardonnay grape in his own vineyard with the aim of bestowing on it the colours and flavours of Sicily. This thirteenth edition has been fermented and stored in French berriques for ten months.


Vini Rosé

Negroamaro (San Marco) £ 18.95

(Puglia) With Negroamaro and Malvasia Nera, this beautiful rosé is produced by a fermentation at very short contact with the skins. The soft pressing and aging in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks are used to give him the scents and aromas.

Cabernet Sauvignon (Mandrarossa) £ 18.95

(Sicilia) Mandrarossa is a premium range of Sicilian wines, this Cabernet Sauvignon Rose’ is a deeply coloured rose’ with a wonderfully expressive nose, medium body and a fresh elegant finish.

Five Roses (Leone De Castris) £ 28.95

(Puglia) It was the first Italian rosé wine to be bottled and sold in Italy. Year of grace 1943. 90% of Negroamaro, 10% of Malvasia.



Prosecco £ 22.95

(Veneto) Prosecco di Valdobbiadene, is a sparkling wine straw yellow, more or less intense ; the perfume is delicate, vinous and fruity, the taste definitively dry.

Very versatile as accompaniment.

Cuvee’ rose £ 23.95

(Marche) Prosecco rose’; dry, effervescent and elegant with a touch of apple and berry at the nose.

Prosecco Superiore (Santa Margherita) £ 25.95

(Veneto) D.O.C.G. This prosecco offers itself to the eye with a fine and persistent, while the nose offers pleasant floral notes of peach and acacia beside delicate aromas of pippin apples, all within a matrix of extreme neatness and elegance. In the mouth there is perfect harmony between the feeling pleasantly fresh and bright and the soft delicacy of taste and aroma.

Rosé di Pimot (Ruggeri) £ 29.95

(Veneto) Delicate pale pink in colour, this wine is brillant with a very fine and continuous perlage. The bouquet, pronounced, persistent and very fine, offers a wide range of fruit aromas, bringing to mind peaches, apricots an

red currants. Dry and refreshing on the palate, well structured and superbly soft, it offers a

harmonious balance of sensations and a fruity finish.

Giustino B. (Ruggeri) £ 30.95

(Veneto) This sparkling wine is the fruit of extensive

trials and experiments with particular selections an

techniques, from the vines to the bottle. The Giustino B. therefore embodies the living expression of our

experience and determination in the search for the very best and of our passionate dedication to the grape itself (traditionally called Prosecco). After the first fermentation the wine matures in the big vats at a low temperature

until spring and then it is transferred in the pressure-vats for the second fermentation. It remains with its yeast until the bottling that is carried on at the beginning of June.

Ferrari (Fratelli Lunelli) £ 45.95

(Trentino Alto-Adige) An intense bouquet, but of particular finesse, with scents of almond blossom, rennet apples, a faint spiciness and a hint of crusty bread. Dry, crisp and elegant, with a very persistent finish. An excellent sparkling to be used as an aperitif or to be drunk during meals. 100% Chardonnay.

Vini da Dessert

Passito Del Veneto (Santa Cristina) £ 29.95

(Veneto) 375 ml. It is an ancient use of the north east to leave the white grapes to dry for a while before the press, the variety are many and of high quality. The fermentation start in February in small barrels and goes on for few months. The ageing carries on until this wine explodes fully with is maturation. At the nose is rich, flowery and fruity; the palate is velvety and elegant.

Il Santo (Fratelli Nistri) £ 25.95

(Toscana) 750 ml. This dessert wine by the winemaker Fratelli Nistri is made using the Catarratto grape. Sweet and full bodied is an ideal after dinner as accompaniment for rich mousse or amaretto and almond based dessert but can be as well an excellent refreshing aperitif mixed with bitter lemon or tonic water.

Aleatico (Leone De Castris) £ 30.95

(Puglia) 500 ml. Garnet colour with violet tints, tending to the orange with the age; delicate perfume; full bodied moderately sweet, warm, velvety. Recommended with dry pastry (cantuccini, amaretti and so on), mature cheeses and desserts.

Vin Santo (Cantina dei Barbi) £ 39.95

(Toscana) 375 ml. Vin Santo is made with grapes that have been late harvested and then hung over wires in special well ventilated drying rooms at the winery. On or around Easter, thus the name vin santo, the grapes are ready to be pressed and then fermented into the wonderful viscous sweet wine. Aging is done in small oak barrels that may be made of oak or chestnut. They are referred to as caratelli.